Rare One

Earn Money By Owning NFTs Of Our Unique Designs

We send a physical 1:1 product to your address, anywhere in the world! Own unique design digitally and in real life!  


Passive Income Guaranteed

We will generate income using the design you own and share profit.


Win a Brand New Tesla or $30,000 USD

One of 1000 people will randomly be selected for the grand prize of a Tesla Model 3 or $30,000 USD
Digital Art Design

Amazing Art Creator

Our art is never seen before and uniquely designed for one owner only. Once you own it, it’s yours only forever!


High Detailed

We pay attention to every detail of the art and each design takes many hours to complete.



Only 1000 designs will be made. Once all sold, the only way someone can own Rare One NFT is to buy from you which increases the value if you plan to resale. 


Lifetime Support

We support our designs and design owners by promoting the brand and offering free customer service


Done by PROS

We are also NFT agency that built many successful projects for our clients. We know exactly how to market and increase the value of the collection.

Join Us Now and Start Making Passive Income

for Giveaways
Super Rare
Digital Art Design


Our art is never seen before and uniquely designed for one owner only. Once you own it, it’s yours only forever!


Own Unique Design

Buy Rare One NFTs and you will have the rights for that design.


Get Paid Monthly

Every month, %50 of the all profits made by selling clothing using your design will be sent to you.


Join The Giveaway

By holding our NFT, you are automatically added to the list where we will pick one random person to reward with a brand new Tesla


Many Reasons to Invest

Our project is completely unique and it brings new taste to the NFT world. We are the only project guaranteeing you a profit!

Why Choice Us

The Top Priority Is You

Our roadmap and goals are based on the factor of making you profitable. You start to earn from the moment of being member. We are not just a collection to keep and hope it will increase the value. We provide passive income.

The value of our designs will rapidly increase by the time we release all of our designs. The designs are unique and limited, which brings more attention. Too much demand and little supply.

Trusted Agency

We are also NFT agency that built NFT projects for other and successfully created & managed many projects. This is not our first work.

Years of Experience:

Our team is professional at what they do and have been in the industry for 10+ years.

Detailing Art

Our art is top quality. You will be extremely happy with the physical clothing you receive with your design on it.

Great Idea

The concept we are offering is one in kind. We are the only clothing brand in the MetaVerse.

Follow our Road Map


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Step 1

is to release 1000 unique designs as NFT. We will add limited designs each day starting with the launch date. Once all 1000 are added the collection will be completed. Follow us on Social media to know more about when and how you can own your own design.

Step 2

is to receive a physical product of the design you own. Once you purchased the design go to our website and fill your information such as, name, address, size and proof of purchase. We will send a gift to your address worldwide.

Step 3

is to launch our shopping website. We will use the designs owned by you and market it to sell. Every Month, %50 of the profit will be paid to the design owner a.k.a. you! As long as you hold the NFT of the design, you share the profits with us, forever!

Step 4

 is to do a giveaway as promised. Once all collection is added, one of the NFT owners will be selected randomly to win a grand prize of Brand New Tesla

Step 5

is to join the MetaVerse. We are working on our own MetaVerse app and RareOne will turn in to the only clothing brand in the MetaVerse. People will be able buy our clothing items digitally and more features will be added.